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Benefits & Features

Tourmanium ceramics emits far-infrared rays and anions
NUGA Heating Pad(NM-80) is a miraculous therapeutic tourmanium ceramic mat created by firing/sintering the ultra-microparticulate mixture of tourmaline, germanium, elvan and volcanic rock at 1300℃. Now, sleep a sound sleep by help of tourmanium ceramic far-infrared NM-80.

Environment-friendly materials used ? human-friendly
The special copper fiber with high corrosion and shatter resistance shields electromagnetic waves, and the natural palm used inhibits mat deformation and gives antifungal, mothproof, dampproof and deodorant effects.

Compact design resulting in convenient transfer and operation
The simple and small-size tummy warmer is available of easy transfer and convenient operation anywhere.

Partial thermal massage
As a compact mat capable of thermal massage on the abdomen, low back and so on, this is strongly recommended to the persons with cold abdomen or whose low back is regularly overloaded at work. Now, regardless of season, keep your abdomen and low back healthy!

Total 12
12 NUGA BEST NM-5000 10-14 21284
11 TOURMANIUM WATCH 10-12 21911
10 TOURMANIUM PILLOW 10-12 22782
9 NM-70 10-12 23724
8 MIRACLE2 10-12 28073
7 NM-90 10-12 30203
6 MHP-100 10-12 25271
5 NUGA BEST NM-7000 10-12 60365
4 Nuga Best TCM 04-02 107132
3 Nuga Best NM 2500 04-02 75681
2 Nugabest NM-4500 04-02 78532
1 Nuga Best NM 7000 04-01 262584
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