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Nugabest NM-4500


Tourmanium Ceramic, Five-Ball Projector, Internal Projector, Inclination Feature


Nuga Products Feature - Internal Projector Internal Projector
The Internal Projector moves smoothly along the spinal contour while providing Acupressure, hand massage, and moxibustion to the spine
and nearby Meridians, muscles and ligaments.
Nuga Products Feature - Five-Ball Projector Five-Ball Projector
The Five-Ball Projector comes with ergonomic design features that minimize heat and Far-Infrared Ray loss, and may be conveniently
used on any part of human body.
Nuga Products Feature - Nine-Ball Projector Nine-Ball Projector
NUGABEST NM offers an additional 9 Ball Projector for your stomach and back area. 9 Ball Projector will maximize the effects of heat and far-intrared ray. 100 to 160 Degree Digital Adjustable Temperature Control
Nuga Products Feature - Internal Main Bottom Heater Internal Main Bottom Heater

One of new functions added to NUGABEST NM 4500 is Internal Main Bottom Heater, which provides constantly warm heat to users while using NUGABEST NM 4500.

Nuga Products Feature - Intergrated Multi-Function Remote Control Intergrated Multi-Function Remote Control
Easy button operation allows convenient selection of desired functions. Good size display panels afford easy viewing. Remote Control Rack permits easy handling and temporary storage of Remote Control. 30 Minute Back, Neck, & Pelvic with 7 Minute Stomach Mode Combining Finger Pressure Massage Effect and Acupressure Effect
Nuga Products Feature - Connector Panel Connector Panel
Connector Panel allows use of Five-Ball Projector, 9 Ball Projector
Control with separate connection terminals provided for convenient use. Thus, two different persons may use the product simultaneously.
Nuga Products Feature - Temperature Panel Temperature Panel

You can set the desired temperature easily to suit your physical
conditions or characteristics.


Total 12
12 NUGA BEST NM-5000 10-14 21285
11 TOURMANIUM WATCH 10-12 21911
10 TOURMANIUM PILLOW 10-12 22783
9 NM-70 10-12 23724
8 MIRACLE2 10-12 28073
7 NM-90 10-12 30203
6 MHP-100 10-12 25272
5 NUGA BEST NM-7000 10-12 60365
4 Nuga Best TCM 04-02 107132
3 Nuga Best NM 2500 04-02 75681
2 Nugabest NM-4500 04-02 78533
1 Nuga Best NM 7000 04-01 262584
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